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Pads Lake
Main LakePads Lake is the smaller of the 2 but is no less beautiful to fish. Ironically named because it originally boasted a large population of lily pads, which have since dissappeared, due to the introduction of new stock which took a particular liking to eating the pads! Further introduction of new pads into the lake only resulted in more plant food for the carp so now Pads Lake actually has no pads! A local Kingfisher is a constant visitor to this part of the complex and always brings a smile to your face. The lake itself is around 1 acre in size so will enable 2 anglers to fish together with plenty of room for three rods each. This lake has depths from 2-6 feet and has a silt bottom with some gravel patches. 

There are 2 swims giving 2 anglers a choice for location and although the swims are close to each other, your three rods will still easily find a wide variety of features to fish to including sunken trees, overhanging bushes and margin grasses. All areas are easily fishable using a bait boat or casting to the far bank and walking around to place bait and rigs by hand. This lake is fed by a strong steady flow of water from the Main Lake providing a good supply of oxygen, so the fish stay active and hard fighting even on the hottest of summer days. Again, this lake has no nuisance species so your baits will only be eaten by the carp.

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